Make Games Different

Hi, we're Jo Fu and Conrad Kreyling! 

You may know us as the developers behind WE KNOW THE DEVIL, a game we built for Aevee Bee, Mia Schwartz, and Alec Lambert in September 2015. After seeing the impact that our game had on the community, we decided to form our own company specifically to serve marginalized gamers who'd like to see themselves in a game for once. 

We build narrative-rich games for people who want to tell stories, and our goal is to make them as accessible as possible for the visually and physically impaired. This means reading options, controller options, and text-to-speech integration. 

We also want to make sure our creators - writers, artists, musicians, and collaborators - get paid fairly for their work. Our dev and management process gives our creators freedom to tell new kinds of stories, and the secure feeling that yes, you will be paid for your time and effort.